Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora

Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora , 1999 р. , Kyiv (Pechersk district)
  • Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora
  • May 29, 1999
  • Kyiv, str. Knyaz Ostrozki 40-B
  • History, Culture, Sculptures
  • Oksana Hryhorivna Pidsukha
  • 380 (44) 280-64-18
  • Wednesday - Sunday: from 11.00 to 18.00, box office: from 11.00 to 17.15 Monday, Tuesday - weekends

The Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora, a branch of the Museum of the History of the City of Kyiv, was founded on May 29, 1999. The exposition of the museum presents the history and artistic heritage of Ukrainians in the world, starting with the first Ukrainian settlers. XIX century and ending with the representatives of the third wave of emigration, who found themselves outside their homeland during the Second World War, and their descendants.

Among the well-known personalities represented in the museum are state and political figures Pavlo and Danylo Skoropadski, the last President of the Ukrainian People's Republic in exile Mykola Plavyuk, the hero of the Russian-Ukrainian undeclared war Markiyan Paslavskyi.

The meaningful focus of the exposition is the story of foreign communities whose activities were aimed at restoring Ukrainian statehood and preserving national identity, such as the Ukrainian National Association in Canada, the World Congress of Ukrainians, Plast, etc.

The art collection of the museum exposition has considerable value. The visitor has the opportunity to familiarize himself with the works of outstanding artists of Ukrainian origin: David Burlyuk, Lyudmila Morozova, Petro Kapshuchenko, Oleksa Bulavytskyi, Anatoly Kolomiyets, Petro Kravchenko, Tymofii Messak, Stepan Khvyla, Volodymyr Savchak, of the outstanding Krychevsky artistic dynasty.

The museum also tells about the Ukrainian Republican Chapel and its creator - conductor Oleksandr Koshyts, thanks to whom the world learned about musical Ukraine, as well as the famous choreographer of Ukrainian origin - Serzh Lyfar

In the museum, the only large-scale historical and memorial exhibition project "Our Sikorsky" dedicated to the outstanding aircraft designer, the "father of the helicopter" from Kyiv, Ihor Sikorsky, is permanently active in the museum. Interview with Oksana Pidsukha, director of the Museum of the Ukrainian Diaspora  "Our search work sometimes resembles a detective"

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